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  • For Life

    CrossFit to be fit for life!

    We approach fitness from a whole life perspective. We aim to improve physical performance for any imaginable...
  • CrossFit to be strong and healthy!

    Strength and health go hand in hand. Being strong is the fundamental key in injury prevention. Having a strong...
  • CrossFit to join an amazing community!

    CrossFit to join an amazing community!

    Community is everything in CrossFit and it really must be experienced to be understood.  Your fellow CrossFitters...
  • CrossFit to honor our heroes!

    We regularly host and participate in fundraising events to support our heroes.  We are proud to annually host:...
  • CrossFit to be prepared for the unknown and unknowable!

    Life is full of situations, most of which involve conditions that are out of your control. Why not be prepared for...
  • CrossFit to be a better athlete!

    CrossFit to be a better athlete!

    We believe in working hard to improve athletic ability! We train using a wide variety of exercises that will work many...

7 Mar. 2014 Posted by Shane Thomas

Mental Game

Open WOD 14.2 is upon us. Unlike the past couple of years where the Open WODs were designed to be very inclusive from the beginning and gradually get harder this year we have faced technical movements from early on in the Open. 

17 Jan. 2014 Posted by Shane Thomas

Why register for the CF Games?

Why register for the open? 

It's fun to play! It's not every day that you get to play in a worldwide competition. This is the point where you may say "I don't have any shot of winning so why participate?" but you have to realize that there is a whole lot more to it than winning!

Facility Expansion!

Due to the completely awesome support of our community we have been forced to expand to a new bigger and better facility!

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit, in a nutshell, is constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity! Read more to get an understanding of what that means. 

30 Oct. 2014 Posted by Shane Thomas
30 Oct. 2014 Posted by shaner


Typical day at the office!

25 Apr. 2013 Posted by Shane Thomas

Best Shape of My Life Challenge!

Announcing the Epicenter CrossFit "Best Shape Of My Life Challenge." 

We are officially challenging everyone to really focus on the factors that contribute to overall fitness: diet, sleep, hydration, exercise. Commit to change and see that the results can be!

View and download the "Best Shape of My Life" challenge information packet here:

1 Mar. 2013 Posted by Shane Thomas

Open WODs Time Slots and Registration

Operating Schedule during the Open?

We will be open for our normal class times plus one on the weekend, usually Saturday unless a soccer conflict occurs, in which case it will be Sunday.

30 Jan. 2013 Posted by Shane Thomas

The Spartan Nature of CrossFit

I get asked frequently why CrossFit environments typically are so Spartan. Go into many places where Crossfitters train and there is a noticeable lack of creature comforts. The gear is very functional but basic, not flashy. They are usually in non-climate controlled buildings or outdoor spaces. There are no machine attendants or fresh towel racks, when you get a bar sweaty or bloody you keep working until the work is done. Only when you have poured all of yourself into the workout and finished do you stop to take care of the pleasantries.